[mythtv-users] SPDIF over HDMI won't work! (Asus P5B, AD1988B codec, Nvidia 7600GS)

Brian Long briandlong at gmail.com
Sun Sep 30 18:03:12 UTC 2007

On 9/29/07, Bill Soudan <bill at soudan.net> wrote:

> 3) LG 32LC7D LCD TV


Some TV's (mine included) have HDMI ports with audio separated onto
the back panel (i.e. they don't receive audio over the HDMI, just
video).  Could your problem be this simple?  Have you tried all the
HDMI ports on the TV?

In my case, my DLP TV has 2 HDMI ports.  One of them is labelled HDMI
/ DVI and has separate Phono plugs for L/R stereo sound.  I route my
SPDIF coax to my receiver, so I don't care that my PC sound isn't
being transmitted over HDMI.


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