[mythtv-users] "get the sources and fix it yourself"

Bearcat M. Sandor HomeTheater at feline-soul.com
Fri Sep 28 17:07:02 UTC 2007

On Friday 28 September 2007 in an email titled "Re: [mythtv-users] "get the 
sources and fix it yourself"" Joe Borne wrote:

>This "technorati/Intelligencia" attitude seems to have permeated the Linux
>community, and in my opinion it must be purged if we want Linux to cross
>over into the average user community. You cannot attract people to your
>cause if you castigate anyone who asks a question you feel is beneath being
>answered, or asks a question improperly. In the time it takes to type "RTFM
>you stupid noob!" or "Google is your friend", you could just as easily type
>"try 'man <subject>', I think it's in there". By doing so you help them get
>their answer, teach them a valuable tool for finding answers, and give them
>a positive impression of the Linux community.
>If people are rude in demanding bug fixes, changes or features, I have found
>it's best to politely remind them that free software isn't really free, it's
>just paid for by the people who develop it. "They pay with their time,
>effort and skills so you don't have to pay with your income. So you have to
>be respectful of them so they will continue to develop for you. I realize
>this is frustrating, but on average open source software addresses bugs and
>upgrades faster than commercial solutions do".

Joe, you just made my point beautifully.  Well said. Thank you.

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