[mythtv-users] Jittery Picture and Per-channel Image Cropping?

Eric Robinson ryunokokoro at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 02:23:29 UTC 2007

So this is kind of two problems but I'm thinking they may be related.

1) I have a few channels where the image is jittery, or shaky.  Is there
a way to fix this?  Perhaps it's not tuned exactly right...?

2) I have one channel that seems to have a one or two pixel wide
flickery 'bar' at the top of the video.  I also have one channel with a
similar vertical version of the 'bar'.  Is there away to crop those
channels so that it doesn't produce the eye-sore?

I saw in the Channel Setup area of mythtv-setup a slider for frequency
fine-tuning... what exactly does that do?  Would it help in either of
the above cases?

- Eric

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