[mythtv-users] ivtv lockups - how do I uninstall the driver?

Steve MacLaren scram69 at gmail.com
Thu Sep 27 16:17:49 UTC 2007

2-3 times a week, mythbackend.log fills up with "ivtv driver not
responding", while /var/log/messages fills up with ivtv DMA errors.  This
causes my backend to completely lock up - no ssh, no ctl-alt-del, no
response to anything other than the reset button.

I would very much like to update the ivtv driver version - I have
0.10.1that came with Ubuntu Feisty.  The only problem is I have not
been able to
un-install the current driver.  The Ubuntu package manager allows
un-installation of something called "ivtv-utils", but after removing that,
the ivtv 0.10.1 driver still loads.

Unfortunately, neither the howto at ivtvdriver.org, or
help.ubuntu.comdiscuss un-installation.  I'm guessing I need to go and
manually delete some
files from the morass in /lib/modules/ , but I have no idea which ones.  I
would appreciate any insight...

Also, it was suggested on the ivtv-users list that the specific DMA error
fixes are in the v4l-dvb repository at linuxtv.org.  While the ivtv driver
downloads had installation instructions, the downloads from
http://www.linuxtv.org/hg/ do not.  Any suggestions?

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