[mythtv-users] Still having problems scanning channels... or am I?

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Thu Sep 27 03:23:55 UTC 2007

Harry Devine wrote:
> I started a thread about a month ago concerning not being able to get 
> any channels when I scan.  Well, I get some, but they are all listed 
> strangely to me.  I get channels such as 79#0, 79#1, etc.
> So tonight I was looking at some info on the HDHomerun since I see alot 
> of posts about it on this list, in case I wanna add one to my setup.  I 
> went to the following page, and saw that the 79#0, etc. actually MEAN 
> something in my setup:  
> http://www.silicondust.com/hdhomerun/lineupui?Cmd=LocationProgramsWeb&Country=US&Postcode=08234
> I guess what I'm getting at is that can I assume that my channels are 
> actually getting scanned properly and just aren't in a format that I can 
> understand?  Do I need to use the channel editor to map them over to 
> channels that I'm used to seeing (Channel 6, Channel 10, etc.)?

The short explanation is that what you are seeing is a digital stream 
described by the cable channel number plus stream number, instead of the 
  normal 'Channel 102' or 'Channel 10'. You will need to use the Channel 
Editor to map them over.

More explanation at:


And also check the forums at Silicon Dust. The HDHR is an awesome unit 
for ATSC. And since it talks to the backend by way of ethernet cable, it 
can be placed 'elsewhere' not in a PCI slot.


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