[mythtv-users] recording starts but never stops on HD5500 capture card

Joe Harvell jharvell+lists.mythtv-users at dogpad.net
Thu Sep 27 00:08:08 UTC 2007

I've been running my Myth box for months with no major problems.  But
every once in a while, mythbackend would have terminated with no log
indicating what happened.

I finally decided to try to debug this as follows:

- rebuilt myth with --enable-debug
- set up mythbackend to run from within gdb
- ran with --verbose all

Now I have a major problem that seems to reproduce every time.  When a
scheduled recording begins on my first capture card (HD5500), it never
stops recording.  Luckily I detected this before it caused all my
auto-expire recordings to be deleted.

I also noticed that two recordings started late.  One started 7 minutes
late, and the other started 15 minutes late.  In each case, it seems
like the late recording started as a result of the scheduler being
kicked.  In one case, I had just deleted a recording.  In the other case
I had deleted an inactive recording rule.  However, this second problem
does not happen every time.

I did recently upgrade to 0.20.2 14498.  But I ran this with no problems
for a few days before trying to run in debug mode, after which both
problems arose.

I haven't seen any bugs reported, so I think I must be the only one
having these problems.

I think I should mention that I recently deleted some rows from table
oldrecorded.  I did this because I wanted these particular episodes to
record again.  I don't suppose this could explain the issues I report
above, but I'm mentioning it for completeness.

Any ideas about what's causing this?  I really have to get this one
figured out quickly since I risk losing all my recordings.

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