[mythtv-users] changing the channel on Dish DVR625

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Wed Sep 26 23:48:19 UTC 2007

Nelson Tang wrote:
> Hi all -
> Just switched to Dish Network and got a dual tuner Dish DVR625, but
> would rather stick with my Myth setup instead of their DVR.  Does
> anyone else use this receiver with Myth, and if so, how are you
> controlling the channel changing?  I couldn't find any direct cable
> info (USB port only allows transfer of recordings off the internal
> drive), and I couldn't find a LIRC config to IR blast it - not to
> mention the second tuner is controlled by an RF remote, so I would
> guess I'd need an RF blaster to control that one.  Might anyone point
> me to more information?

I used one of those for a while, I used a "MyBlaster" device to control
the first (IR) channel and it worked fine. Never tried controlling the
RF side of it.

The MyBlaster is a non-LIRC solution, driven by a serial port (but a USB
-> Serial adapter WILL work, generally they won't with an LIRC type blaster.


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