[mythtv-users] MacOSX MySQL Errors

Eric Robinson ryunokokoro at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 21:31:10 UTC 2007

Here's my problem:

1) Start "MythFrontend.app"
2) The icon bounces in the dock for a while before actually starting up.
2.b) I opened the Console to watch what's happening and it seems like
there's a whole bunch of SQL related errors.
3) When MythFrontend.app starts, it asks me what language I want to use
and then goes to the database setup screen... with all of the correct
database info for my backend (including the backend's database password
and IP address).

My understanding is that MythFrontend is supposed to make a connection
to the backend's MySQL database and fill in settings from there.  Is
that the case?  Why can't I access it from my Mac?  Do I need to install
mysql somewhere special on the Mac?


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