[mythtv-users] SD Program Info Problems

jason maxwell decepticon at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 14:42:43 UTC 2007

> Is anyone else having this issue????
> this never happened once with zap 2 it, and now i have 4 shows like this.
> -Steve
> While you may not have experienced it, I have seen this behavior with zap2it
> as well... but I'm curious as to how you set it to not record generics.....

I had this issue with the shows you mentioned on Zap2it, and it
continues on schedulesdirect also. I see it on "American Chopper"
episodes as well. For me, Myth records all of the above by default. I
usually just watch a few seconds of each recording and delete if I
dont want them. In the past I have gone to the "upcoming recordings"
page and placed an override to not record the generics, but that can
be a pain if there's a lot of them.

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