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Pamela J. Ashworth (webmail) pashworth at mindspring.com
Wed Sep 26 05:19:09 UTC 2007

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>>Tonight it was set to record House, (weekly, priority +20) and  
>>instead wanted to record Eureeka (anytime, priority -3). I have  
>>overridden this, but would like to understand why it is scheduling  
>>things all funky. I missed heroes, and have to wait til the end of  
>>the week when it airs again (or download it)
>I had the same problem with the same show (it's at least partially because USA re-airs House eps 10 days after Fox airs them) - and don't know how to fix it either. I can override, every week; I can set House to only record on FOX and not on USA - but I want the USA eps too (new box - no old House). I thought perhaps I could make two separate House rules - 1 per channel; but when I try the second, it just erases the first.
>I was just lucky I checked it tonight and noticed. But I'd love to sort it out before next Tues.
>at the moment I have *4* House rules:
>Override a movie named House
>House - Record at any time on any channel.
>Record at any time on channel (FOX)
>the "any channel" can't be switched to "this channel" - it's not an option for that rule. Should I delete that one and then add one for USA? At 8:40 tonight, I just couldn't follow the logic trail from point a to pont b... i'm not much better at midnight.

answering myself (and asking a few more questions) - that's what I did. Added a new rule for USA - which didn't work properly until I completely deleted the "any channel" rule.
(I didn't mention I have three tuners - conflicts weren't causing this - I think it was more a case of slight overruns ("start one minute early, unless you can't") bumping the show to a clearer time slot. 
I think.)
There may be more logic to it than that (which I'd like to know).  

Of course I won't be totally sure till I can see listings for two eps of House with the same subtitle...

**Another problem here is, if you try to do all this in mythweb, the "exact match" option seems to be gone (that was great for House and life-saving for ER). Even if you can find an airing,  "find additional airings" will give you everything from Little House to This Old House - asking to sort that mess *by title* creates either a lag in the minutes or maybe a timeout error - I forget - and if you try it with ER, mythweb will just bloe a braincell, and throw a stupid error - something like "you don't have PHP installed" or something. (I'd be glad to try to recreate the errors if anyone cares)

I've also found that mythweb no longer does secondary sort in recorded programs - select one series then sort by size will throw you back to "all recordings."(okay, they *are* sorted by filesize now, but...) (I have 122 eps of Scrubs - which ones did I transcode?)

But I do love the feature where you can retitle shows from mythfrontend rather than having to go into the database. :-) (I think we upgraded from version .16 to .20 - I find new goodies every day :-) but I can only find a new features list for the last new version)

My thanks to any developers who might be hanging out here.

Pam from Boston
"You're going to have to explain it. Bear with the rest of us mortals as we stumble blindly along in your shadow." -- Stacy, in Sy's House fanfic  "Of a Thursday"

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