[mythtv-users] OTA HD is sometimes good, sometimes bad...

George Mari george_mythusers at mari1938.org
Wed Sep 26 01:30:31 UTC 2007

matthew.garman at gmail.com wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 24, 2007 at 09:39:24PM -0500, George Mari wrote:
>> Have you looked into the AVSForum's Chicago OTA-HD thread here?
>> http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=815397&goto=newpost
> No, but I'll definitely take a look!
>> I saw from your previous thread you're about 17 miles out - should
>> be within range with an indoor antenna, but there are soooo many
>> mitigating factors that could be causing what sounds like a
>> reception problem for you - any metal in the walls of your house,
>> tall buildings between your antenna and the transmitter towers,
>> trees, etc.  I know - just what you wanted to hear.
> Yeah, based on what you and William Munsun said, I'm afraid it's
> some kind of interferance that's out of my control.
> We are about 17 miles out.  We're in a rented condo.  Our apartment
> is on the top floor of a five story brick building.  The direction
> to the city is southeast, and we're in the northwest corner of the
> building.
> Since I am on the top floor, I was thinking I could just bolt a tall
> pole to the balcony, and attach an external HD antenna to that...
> somehow I think that's forbidden by the condo rules!  :)
> Anyway, thanks for the feedback.  I'll get started on the AVSForum
> thread.

Did you check if your condo already has a "communal" antenna or antennas 
on the roof you can tap into?

Another idea is to ask your association for permission to put a small 
outdoor antenna on the roof.  Assuming it's a flat roof, it could easily 
  be positioned to be out of sight.

Assuming there's no other buildings or trees in the way, 5 stories up 
only 17 miles away from the TV towers, I'd wager you would easily get 
the notoriously difficult to receive WBBM-DT.  Heck, if you were on the 
other side of the building, a decent set of indoor rabbit ears would 
probably do the trick.

Good luck.

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