[mythtv-users] My recording didn't happen, and I don't know why...

Bruce Markey bjm at lvcm.com
Tue Sep 25 17:39:25 UTC 2007

For the sake of investigation scheduling issues, I like to
leave mythweb out of the mix. There is nothing wrong with using
it but this is another layer of ambiguity and differences in
terminology. In this case, however, I decided to test this
and found a problem with overriding inactives using mythweb.

Doug Young wrote:
> OK...I followed Bruce's suggestions to find all Fall Premiere's
> (Thanks, Bruce!).  I usually do my scheduling from MythWeb rather than
> at the front end, because if I'm sitting at my FE, it's usually
> because I want to watch something.  Sure enough, after going to the
> front end and setting up the schedule as Bruce suggested, all the
> premieres showed up as "Deactivited" in MythWeb.  I then sorted
> through them, read reviews, etc, and clicked on the "Activate" button
> on the ones I wanted to see.  They came up highlighted in green
> (bolder than normally scheduled recordings) and were labeled "Forced"
> under the Status column.

The fact that these are bolder should be a tipoff that something
is different. The status column "Forced" rather than the name
of an input indicates that it isn't scheduled to record but it
isn't obvious why. I tried this on my next upcoming inactive
premiere "Hip Hop vs. America". After clicking Activate from
mythweb, mythfrontend showed the status as "Override Recording --
Inactive". Wul, thar's your praaablem".

Overrides inherit the attributes of the parent rule but there
is supposed to be an exception for this very situation. An
override should not inherit the inactive flag so that if you
choose to 'record anyway' the override will be set to active.
If I use the "Record anyway" button from mythfrontend, the
show does get scheduled to record.

For Hip Hop, if I click on the title the details page says
the status is "Never Record". This is incorrect. The status
should be 'inactive' or mythweb's terminology for that state.
You can click "show" for the Advanced Options to see that the
"Inactive:" box is checked. Unchecking this box will fix the
problem but you wouldn't want to have to do this ever time.

Report a bug for mythweb and explain the reproducible test case
that clicking Activate on an inactive showing creates an override
with the inactive flag set but overrides should not inherit the
inactive flag.

BTW, if you want to investigate what happened yesterday or last
week or whatever, the mythfrontend "Previously Recorded" page
shows the history of the status of all showings that matched
rules. You will probably find that Chuck and Big Bang Theory
were grayed out and marked "x" for "Inactive".

--  bjm

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