[mythtv-users] Lirc problems - Fedora 7 - New kernel?

Mario Limonciello mario.mailing at gmail.com
Tue Sep 25 00:47:28 UTC 2007

Being the Ubuntu person I am, i'll comment on the relevant stuff to me:

Nowhere wrote:
> Tried a Ubuntu switch but that was a disaster. Couldn't get lirc working in
> 7.04. 

What did you run into issue wise here?  Most people the hold up is
building the modules.

Mythbuntu doesn't support LVM (I have 2 HDs).

Yeah the LVM situation is pretty ugly I agree.  Unfortunately adding LVM
is a bit more work than in a single 6 month cycle considering all the
other items that have had to be prepared.  You can however, setup LVM
after the initial installation.

>7.10 has pathetically
> unstable nvidia drivers (open 3 windows and the contents are black, out of
> memory,  start mythfrontend and the screen goes crazy)

Sounds to me like you've got Desktop Effects activated.  Turn these off
and these sorts of issues should go away.

> and ALSA and all
> other sound systems are broken ie no sound.  

Sound systems being broken?  Both ALSA and OSS are shipped, with ALSA
set to a default.  Were you trying to do digital sound instead, and
running into troubles there?

>I wanted to go to Ubuntu cuz I
> heard Debian distro upgrade are painless. Couldn't possibily be the case
> given all the forum posting about upgrades going bad and the troubles I had
> with things that work in Feisty and not in Gutsy.
Upgrades are supposed to be rather straightforward, and a majority of
forums postings i've commented on weren't related to upgrade issues, but
rather configuration issues and setup issues.

> So back to Fedora before my wife kills me. Figure I better install fedora 7
> before I am obsolete with no myth updates in the repos again.  Install of
> Fedora goes fine but Jarod's guide doesn't apply as much since it seems ivtv
> is included and didn't work. Didn't create the /video?. Had to rmmod and
> modprobe and then it created them and it works. Definitely less painful than
> FC5. ALSA seems to be working but no lirc. 
> I THINK my problem is I did yum update and it installed 4.6.22-5.76 kernel
> and there seems to be no kernel modules for anything for 5.76. I see a ton
> of 4.65 installed and even some 21.31somethingorothers. I cannot find on the
> repos any 4.65 kernel packages either.
> What do I do? I am about to revert to FC6 with yet another fresh install
> before the hit men come knocking on my door. It absolutely has to be up and
> running tonight...
> Any help might just save my life! :O
> Thanks,
> Eric

That's about what I can comment.  If you want to go Ubuntu post more
about issues and either myself or another seasoned Ubuntu user will be
glad to help and comment on what we can.

Mario Limonciello
mario.mailing at gmail.com

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