[mythtv-users] Sequence for deleting dropped channels?

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Mon Sep 24 20:18:07 UTC 2007

On 09/24/2007 08:44 AM, Craig Huff wrote:
> **Now** I notice the comment about not needing to delete channels.
> When I went into mythtv-setup to delete the extraneous channels, the
> action I took actually deleted *all* of them.  Oops?!
> Fortunately, the button (whose exact label I don't recall

To protect the innocent, I won't recall it for you.  ;)

> ) for retrieving channel data from the lineup worked fine.  I just
> made sure to run it for each of my (can't think of the right term
> here) capture channels

Probably video sources.

> (PVR-500 dual-channel capture card needs both refreshed).
> With all the new shows, I did a full-up test without even thinking
> about whether this was an issue and must have gotten it all right
> since all of my capture channels were in use at the same time and all
> the shows succeeded (I think-didn't watch any yet, but they're the
> right size and commflag ran on all of them). 

In many cases deleting everything is the easiest way, anyway.  If I had
the choice between deleting 10's of channels individually or just
deleting them all and re-creating with the "Fetch channels from listings
provider" (and--for digital--the channel scan), I'd take the latter. 
But then again, that's why they call me

Mike "Delete all" Dean  ;)

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