[mythtv-users] 1 lineup, 2 sources (ananlog and digital)

Daniel Arfsten darfsten at hotmail.com
Mon Sep 24 15:01:29 UTC 2007

>I am trying to get digital lineup and analog lineup using only
>lineup. I
>have followed the guide here:
>(it's the caching support guide)

>That guide seems overly complicated to me.

>When I added digital cable channels to my system, I created an  additional 
>DD lineup in my account, so I had one analog lineup
>and  one digital.  I created a video source for each and tied them to
>the  proper tuner inputs.  It works great.  MythTV even caches the
>data  from one lineup and uses it to help fill in the other.  I didn't
>have  to go back and forth deleting anything, and I didn't have to
>change  the mythfilldatabase flags -- it all "just works."

>I'm not sure why anyone would do the song-and-dance in the docs,  unless 
>maybe they'd bumped into the 4-lineup limit.  Am I
>missing  something?

Well you must not be understanding, if I am reading what you say correctly, 
you have setup 2 lineups. That's not what I asked, I asked for 1 lineup and 
creating 2 sources.

To your statement, why would anyone follow the docs, well how else do you 
suggest people learn to do anything? I am not trying to be rude, only 

If you can help me understand how to setup 2 different sources while only 
using 1 lineup, than great. Please explain.


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