[mythtv-users] Dual HDTV Tuner for Australia

Dan Harper dan at kingdomsolutions.com.au
Mon Sep 24 13:52:15 UTC 2007

On 24/09/2007, at 10:09 PM, Tom R. wrote:
> I'm looking at building a MythTV box, but I'm really stuck for  
> choosing a
> tuner. I want to be able to watch and record at the same time, so I  
> need at
> least two digital tuners - and at least one needs to be in high  
> definition.
> So should I go with a dual HD tuner, or two separate cards with a  
> cheap coax
> splitter? Going dual seems more cost effective and means I get HD
> everything, but whatever ones are in my usual shops  
> (www.umart.com.au and
> www.gamedude.com.au) are of limited or no support. If I go with two  
> separate
> HD cards, then it ends up costing a fortune. Basically what I'm  
> asking for
> is any recommendations or experiences with this.

I've heard that some of the cards/usb units from http:// 
www.digitalnow.com.au/dvbtcards.html are OK and I believe they work  
with Linux (best to double and triple check that however).

Another thing to do may be to check on the forums at whirlpool.net.au  
there are some MythTV users there that may be able to help.

I use the Hauppauge Nova T 500 which does what you want, but the  
drivers are known to be unstable on some machines (mine is one of  
them unfortunately).  The Nova T 500 is a great card if you're  
willing to ride out the problems while the drivers are being worked on.


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