[mythtv-users] On the verge of giving up

lionel dybowski lionel.dybowski at gmail.com
Mon Sep 24 10:47:09 UTC 2007

Hey, guys, stop the battle. The fact is that windows has been doing good 
marketing and maybee unfair trading practices, sure.

Yes installing windows and getting it to run can be tricky, and linux 
systems are becomming easyer (ubuntu, knoppix, etc). Still, what happens 
when you had new hardware? With windows it is easy, you can not deny. 
With linux, re-install from scratch is the route that many of us are taking.

Virus and spyware are a problem too on windows machines, yes. With AVG, 
I have not had any problem for the last 2 years. Sure linux is saffer.

When it come to stability, I have a win machine that has been running a 
few years. I have had hard disk failure caused by overheat but since I 
am running raid and proper ventilation I am safe. Win2k and XP are very 
stable; don't forget win95 is dead.

Anyway, what ever has been said, most of you hav a good point. But let's 
get back to the topic: on the verge of giving up! My sesamtv was up and 
running in a matter of 2 hours going from os install to channel tunning, 
remote mapping and xmltv setup.

We are here for *political *reasons: *we want linux*, not windows. *It 
is political, not technology issue!!!!!!!*

*Let's get things moving*: the question is why is it more difficult for 
some of us  with linux?

These are my own answers:
- no offence but the mythtv documentation is written for linux litterate 
people. It takes us the route of command line too often. We want GUI.
- we do not want to have to tar, compile  and other. I have only managed 
to install one or two programs this way in my linux life (dependecies 
issues, wrong package, unexplained "can't configure"...)
- we do not want  to have to edit xorg to get tv out working (ubuntu 
7.04 does this easily; why not knoppmyth??)
- LIRC: why does it take so much to get a damn remote to work??
- databases issues: need a dedicated FAQ with an SQL tool for getting 
the databases up and running, with good FAQ on access rigths issues.
- xmltv needs a dedicated section
- keyboard mapping too needs to be detailed somewhere in a help file

seems like mythbuntu is getting better, but still lirc seems mad and 
discouraging. I my HVR900 going to work?

My issues with myth were:
- no tv out on knoppmyth (gave up went to ubuntu)
- never managed to get xmltv working here in france
- my old hauppauge pci cards (3 tested) did not work
- can not get composite input working on HVR900
- 45 minutes to network sharing working (problems with access rights... 
my house is not MI6!)
- 2 hours to get divx to play correctly

2 weeks wasted! And my friends are know laughing at me: "hey, what 
happened to your linux box, went back to windows??? we told you..."
Never mind... I want to promote linux, so you developper have to do more 
for me! keep up the effort, and make linux a system which is realy 
accessible to everybody!


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Brian Wood wrote:
> Jay R. Ashworth wrote:
>> Yeah; you have fun with that.  Let me know how much time and money (at
>> whatever rate you feel your worth) you expend on virus scans, reboots,
>> reinstalls, spyware scanning, and the like in the next year, while I
>> don't touch my Mythbox at all.
> I agree absolutely. My last Myth box (recently replaced for hardware
> update) ran over 600 days without a reboot, upgrade, virus scan, malware
> checker or "Genuine Advantage" check. It also did not tell me "Your
> computer might be in danger" even once.
> Great marketing. "Your machine might be in danger" is of course true of
> any machine under any circumstances, so M$ can't be accused of
> falsehood, but somehow the warning always seems to come with some sort
> of reason you have to open your wallet.
> I've never heard of a Windows box running 600 days straight, under any
> circumstances. I don't say it couldn't happen, just that I've never
> heard of it.
> beww
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