[mythtv-users] A plea for help

Dan Harper dan at kingdomsolutions.com.au
Mon Sep 24 02:30:18 UTC 2007

One thing I've had success with also to reproduce problems is to  
compile a kernel on the box.  This seems to give a good thrashing on  
memory and disk.  I've had memory problem identified when compiling a  
kernel that memtest86 didn't pick up.

The give away for RAM is if you compile the kernel twice and crashes  
occur in different locations of the source tree (ie: some level of  


On 24/09/2007, at 11:46 AM, Brett Kosinski wrote:

> That's all I can think of for now.  Please, anyone who has any idea  
> how I can troubleshoot this or give me any ideas, let me know.  My  
> wife gets very upset when her soap-operas don't record,  and with  
> the new fall-season shows coming up (Heroes!),  I'd hate to miss  
> any of those either :-)   Thanks!
> You didn't mention the filesystem, disk layout (LVM, RAID, etc),  
> kernel version, etc, you were using.  I can say that, in the past,  
> I've had kernel oopses specifically because of XFS, which occurred  
> during times of high disk activity (bittorrent was a great way to  
> trigger the problem).
> In addition, it sounds like this is a combo FE/BE.  You might try  
> shutting down X and letting the backend run for a while.  This will  
> allow you to see any kernel oopses that are occuring, as they will  
> be dumped the console (just make sure to disable console  
> blanking).  Of course, this means your Myth system will be  
> unavailable for use during that time, but you could run a test like  
> this over a few nights, until a crash triggers (assuming one does).
> Brett.
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