[mythtv-users] kind of job groups?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Sep 22 17:09:16 UTC 2007

* On Fri Sep 21, 2007 at 01:29:57PM +0200, Michael Kurtz wrote:
> What I want to achieve is to distinguish between different kinds of jobs in a 
> way that I can assign a maximum number of simultaneous tasks per job-type.
> My problem is: When I allow 3 jobs to run at a time there often run just 3 
> transcoding processes and commercial flagging had not started when I wanted 
> to watch the recording. How can I seperately limit the number of allowed jobs 
> for transcoding and flagging to allow for example 3 flagging tasks at a time 
> + 1 transcoding task? Is there a way to achieve this? I use mythtv from the 
> current fixes branch.

There isn't any easy way to do this with one host currently.  You can try fake
myth out and accomplish this by running a second copy of mythjobqueue on the
same server as your original mythbackend or mythjobqueue instance.   This is
totally untested, but I think it will work for you.

Setup a second user with proper permissions to access the necessary
recording files.  Create a .mysql.txt file for this user but specify a
different LocalHostName value in the mysql.txt so this instance can have
its own settings, etc..

For the second user and fake-hostname config. run mythtv-setup and configure the
JobQueue settings to only run mythcommflag jobs and allow three of them to run
at a time.

For the original user and main config, run mythtv-setup and
configure the JobQueue setting to only run mythtranscode jobs and allow 1
of them to run at a time.

If you run only commflagging jobs under the second user, you don't have to
worry about having write access to recording files, you only need read access
to them since mythcommflag does not modify files.  The transcode jobs will run
as the main user and will have the normal read/write access to files.

The JobQueue code will handle the ordering, so it will make sure that the
commflag and transcode jobs for a particular recording are run in order.
You'll get your 3 commflagging jobs running at once without transcoding
taking up one of the slots and holding up a flagging job.

If you try this and it works, report back so we can know it's tested.  It
should work the same as 2 instances of mythjobqueue running on different

Chris Pinkham

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