[mythtv-users] Asus M2NPV-VM S-Video setup?

Stef Coene stef.coene at docum.org
Sat Sep 22 11:15:39 UTC 2007

On Saturday 22 September 2007, Craig Huff wrote:
> I know many of you have this motherboard, the question is whether any of
> you are successfully using the on-board video with the adapter for S-video
> output successfully.
The motherboard is working perfect for me.  I installed it yesterday and 
everything was working out-of-the box (using ubuntu feisty)

> I have set the bios setting for TV Mode Support to NTSC-M and tried setting
> the RGB/TV Display to Auto and to TV.  The last was a **really** bad idea
> ;-(
I have it set to pal (I live in wbelgium).

> My system is unstable when the video output is a TV and won't display
> properly until booting has reached the X display stage.  If I take out the
> rhgb parameter from my Fedora Core 6 grub command line, I can't see
> anything intelligible until the login dialog gets put up.
Tv-out is woking as soon as I power up my frontend.

> It works fine with a VGA monitor connected.  I learned the hard way that
> even if it's turned off, the presence of a connected VGA monitor disables
> *all* output to the S-video, so I can't work with both connected.  I guess
> that's what they were talking about when they said RGB and TV can not be
> used simultaneously.
> So, if you do, how do you have this working.  While you're being helpful, I
> would welcome any working xorg.conf modeline/mode settings you have since
> mine currently is off-center, kinda like me. /-)  (I'm shooting for 720 or
> 640 by 480 resolution since that seems to be most legible when dealing with
> MythTV menus and prompts.)
On ubuntu, I installed the lates nvidia drivers (nvidia-glx-new).  I can not 
remember anymore if I used nvidia-settings to change the configuration.  But 
I do remember I added 
Option "TVStandard" "PAL-B"
for PAL output.


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