[mythtv-users] Random Stuttering

Mark A. Hoover mahoover at ispaceonline.org
Sat Sep 22 03:47:09 UTC 2007

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> From: "Garry Cook" <garrycook at gmail.com>
> I grabbed MythDora4 after stopping by Jarod's site to see what I was going
> to have to do to upgrade. Man, did that make things easy. Not only was the
> install easy as hell, but it fixed all the lingering issues that I had.
> However, it did introduce a new problem with the PVR500. All of my
> recordings on those two tuners are 'stuttered'. It's pretty annoying.
> Does anyone have any idea what the problem might be here,and how to fix it?

I noticed the probelm started showing up on my system somewhere around 
kernel 2.6.18/2.6.19 and I had assumed that it was related to the ivtv 
driver.  Gentoo released another update not too long ago and things seemed 
to improve somewhat.  I seem to notice the problem gets worse whenever the 
show will do some kind of overlay (like a bar with someone's name), 
cartoons, or some kind of score board (the cash/trip total screen on Ice 
Road Truckers)....

I saw someone mention ping times between the frontend/backend.  Don't 
think this is my issue since it shows up even in recorded TV.

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