[mythtv-users] Burned Movie - Audio Tracks Mixed Up

Yan Seiner yan at seiner.com
Sat Sep 22 03:46:39 UTC 2007

Rod Smith napsal(a):
> I'm not sure about the English/Spanish/French mixup, but this sounds like a 
> problem with some recent versions of MythDVD. I Googled it when I ran into 
> problems with the sound on DVDs I created not playing and I found it's a 
> known issue that's been fixed. (I didn't save the URL for that discussion, 
> though.) For me, the problem occurred after I upgraded from 0.20.whatever to 
> 0.20.2.whatever (for SchedulesDirect support) on an Ubuntu system. I assume 
> the fix didn't get into the version I installed. Try playing your burned DVD 
> on a conventional DVD player or using xine. If it's OK, then just chalk it up 
> to a MythDVD problem that will eventually get fixed, or that you can fix now 
> if you go to the effort of tracking down and installing the appropriate 
> bug-fix release.

I've also run into "broken" DVDs where the soundtracks don't make sense 
- eg stereo spanish is the primary, stereo english is secondary, and 5 
channel english is track 129.  Try using mplayer and/or lsdvd to see 
what soundtracks are where.

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