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On 9/21/07, Michael Kurtz <myth at friendz.de> wrote: 


What I want to achieve is to distinguish between different kinds of jobs in
way that I can assign a maximum number of simultaneous tasks per job-type.
My problem is: When I allow 3 jobs to run at a time there often run just 3 
transcoding processes and commercial flagging had not started when I wanted
to watch the recording. How can I seperately limit the number of allowed
for transcoding and flagging to allow for example 3 flagging tasks at a time

+ 1 transcoding task? Is there a way to achieve this? I use mythtv from the
current fixes branch.

Thanks in advance.


You could use nice and/or ionice to push the transcoding tasks to the bottom
of the priority ladder and the commflag processes to be in-between that and
normal processes so watching programs doesn't get bogged down.  If you do
this, you could increase the number of transcode/commflag tasks allowed (not
*too* much) and commflag jobs will finish before transcoding jobs without
excluding them from getting anything done.  Search the archives, howto, and
manpages for more.  I'd give you more myself, but I'm at work on lunchbreak,
not at home. 

I have the same issue. The only problem i see here is that if you set it to
say 3 jobs, and there are three recordings that start at the same time, the
comm flag jobs will take a long time cause they'll be done in real time. Is
there a way to tell the system to only do flag jobs when the recording is
completely done so that it doesn't take it so long?

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