[mythtv-users] Hardcode Closed Caption (teletext) into video frame before writing to mpeg.

Bill techbill at stlaware.com
Fri Sep 21 02:34:18 UTC 2007

I am aware that Closed Caption (teletext) uses VBI to overlay the 
caption (text) on top of the video before sending video out to TV or 
Monitor but the overlay is not saved into the mpeg video frame.

Is there a way to set or a setting to force MythTV to hardcode the VBI 
overlay into the video frame before it saved into mpeg file? Or is it 
something that can be written as a plugin for MythTV?  If no setting 
exists or plugin then I will donate for such feature or plugin

I wanted to be able to take mpeg with me and watch it on any mpeg player 
and still have caption without having to find or look for a "special" 
mpeg player that could decode the caption from mpeg file.

Thank you

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