[mythtv-users] EPG channel order question

Ryan Rustong ryan.rustong at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 15:06:35 UTC 2007

> After doing either of the second two above, have you tried going into TV
> Settings and changing your channel sort?
> That would be under (in the default menus) Utilities/Setup->Setup->TV
> Settings->General
> First option is channel ordering.  Options are channel name or channel
> number.
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> Doug
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I had not previously changed that because it was set to order by number.  I
did try changing it now just to see, and indeed it orders by channel name
which is way out of order.  I have also deleted all my sources, tuners and
channels and rescanned multiple times with the same results.  Any other
ideas for me to try?

OT question:  I have only posted to this list once or twice before, so I'm
trying to figure out the correct way to do it.  I notice that my question
does not have [mythtv-users] at the beginning of the subject.  I assumed
that since it was on every other post it was put in there by the mailing
list.  Am I supposed to put that in there?  Or is that gmail not showing it
correctly because I started the thread?
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