[mythtv-users] Which tuner card to get?

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Hi list,

  I'm looking for a digital tuner card for my Linux system. This is my first
attempt at setting up TV on a computer, so thanks in advance for your
patience. I'm looking for a card that can receive digital OTA channels, both
SD and HD. I've looked at the pcHDTV 5500, and there are mixed reviews. Some
love it and others report problems receiving channels. What's worked well
for people on this list? I want to get a good, solid PCI card receiver, and
not an external one like the HDHomeRun. Thanks for your help! 


PS   I'm in the USA

My software never has bugs. It just develops random features.  
Matthias, I have a pchdtv 5500 that worked great, and no longer fits in my
mythbox because my new board has fewer slots. I only used it for about 2
weeks then i put it back in the box . I'll sell it to you for $100 if you
want it. It is in perfect, like new condition, and comes with all the
original cables manuals, etc. --let me know

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