[mythtv-users] Our Only Option is Schedule Direct?

Rod Roark rod at sunsetsystems.com
Wed Sep 19 19:54:12 UTC 2007

Mike Perkins wrote:
> Michael T. Dean wrote:
> > What I do care about is whether some outsider might think that
> > MythTV advocates stealing listings data because of something you
> > or someone else may say on the list.  If so, it's likely to cause
> > some MythTV devs to get sued, and I /do/ care whether the MythTV
> > devs get sued.  (Where "get sued" could more generally mean
> > anything from receiving C&D letters to having other legal issues
> > to deal with.)
> ...which is why, whenever anyone makes such a suggestion on this
> list, you will *always* find a follow-up from someone like me or
> Mike telling the poster to take his/her suggestions elsewhere.

Interesting statement.  Am I reading between the lines correctly, that
there is a "committee" of you that is cooperatively responding to
these posts?


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