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> It's extremely important to remember that the cable companies are 
> only regulated by the FCC in a very few instances.  All of those 
> involve what they HAVE to provide (local networks, etc), not what 
> they can NOT provide.  The cable companies can and will provide 
> analog only channels for as long as it's financially prudent for 
> them, and as long as the huge majority of televisions in this 
> country do not have digital tuners, and as long as customers react 
> negatively to paying for settop boxes, there will be analog 
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That reminds me of back in 1986 when I drove to the mall and The Record 
Bar was no longer where I had seen it two weeks before.  There was this 
new place called Tracks and all they sold were compact discs. The few 
vinyl records (an analog medium for storing music from a long forgotten 
epoch) were in a locked bin in the basement in a room with a sign on the 
door that said, "Beware of leopard."

Over the next few months CD players began to appear in dorm rooms all over 

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