[mythtv-users] Recording slows down IR remote

Richard Woelk richardwoelk at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 19 01:26:46 UTC 2007

Tony Baca wrote:
> Last night I spent a few minutes testing.
> Shelled in to the machine and started irw
> With the myth machine idle, every press of a button on the remote 
> caused an appropriate line from irw
> Using a second shell window, I entered:
> cat /dev/video1 > temp.mpg    (Note, video1 is the PVR 150, video0 is 
> a PCHDTV-5500. I do not see any problem if I cat /dev/video0 > 
> temp.mpg or if the machine is recording using the 5500, only when the 
> PVR-150 is used)
> Now pressing and holding a key only produces a line from irw about 
> once every 3-6 seconds.
> But pressing the button once causes the number of interrupts on the 
> serial port to increase.  (cat /proc/interrupts)
> I don't know where else to look.  Any suggestions?
> Thanks,

    What version of ivtv or what kernel are you using? What kind of 
remote receiver are you using? (onboard the pvr150, or serial?)
I noticed this back in around version 0.10.0. It affected my homebrew 
serial remote, in that it would give false repeats.
irw would show the repeat number as 00 01 02 00 01 00 01. It made it 
impossible to navigate in mythtv while it was recording.
This was fixed in version 0.10.2



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