[mythtv-users] Power bill vs SchedulesDirect bill

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Tue Sep 18 22:14:13 UTC 2007

50W? My drives alone take more power than that. 10cents??? I wish... Anyone 
running mythtv only on a box should have it turn itself off. It's recently 
been updated in SVN, now saves even more power. If you need access to it at 
odd times configure wake on lan. I had a 400 watts-during-encode backend 
taking only about 100 watts on average.

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From: Yan Seiner <yan at seiner.com>
>I agree...  It astounds me that people continue to spend time on this.
>SD right now costs about $0.08/day.  (My math could be off by a bit, but
>it's close.)  That's nothing.  I'd say most of us wouldn't stop to pick
>up 8 pennies in the street.  Heck, most stores have a penny box where
>people throw their pennies.

Since you bring up numbers, let's have some fun with this.

If I'm not mistaken Tivo uses ~30-45Watts (a friend measured his hacked 2 
drive S1 Tivo at 55W) so let's very conservatively say that a monolithic 
MythTV box uses 50W.  50W*24hr/day*30day/mo = 3.6KW-hrs per month.  Grid 
power is very roughly about 10cents per KW-hr meaning your Myth box sucks 
$3.60/month in electricity.  So unless you've got a solar array on your roof 
or windmill in your yard you are currently paying about 1.5x to feed the 
MythTV box power vs. feeding it data.

If SD hits $20/yr, then it will go to 2.2x.

However, I have a feeling most MythTV boxes are quite a bit more than 50W. 
Let's say it's closer to 80W, in which case it's more like $5.76/month for 
power (vs. the proposed $1.66/mo for SD data).  Then there are those of you 
who use multiple backends... :-)

Please don't read anything into what I am saying.  I'm not editorializing, 
I'm just playing with math :-)


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