[mythtv-users] New Version: Bulk Updater for Videometa(imdb) data

Ryan Pisani mythtv at frouse3.homelinux.com
Mon Sep 17 13:39:09 UTC 2007

>>> This is great, exactly what I've been looking for. A few suggestions
>>> though
>>> 1. Maybe another Option to allow IMDB lookup for newly added videos
>>> from
>>> the
>>> -Fileup switch?
>> Well. You can combine both -Fileup -N on the same line. Fileup will run
>> first so effectively it's the same thing.
> The only problem is not every video is going to be on imdb so its going to
> attempt to download the data every time the script runs for videos that it
> is never going to find which I'm sure once this is widely used in the
> mythtv circles would exponentially increase the traffic hitting the imdb
> website. Obviously this wouldn't be a problem if every video you had was
> in imdb.

Yeah I see your concern here. If the -New files were not found in a
previous run, they'll be searched on again. Technically, a bogus IMDB
number could be entered into the DB as a place holder for those that are
not found. This would prevent the imdb-bulk-update script from searching
on them again.
You could of course do a full lookup with -A at another time, or -Title
lookups if you wanted to check them again.

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