[mythtv-users] Program guide problem

Mark J. Small msmall at eastlink.ca
Mon Sep 17 13:21:12 UTC 2007

I've just run across a very strange problem with my program guide.

I was looking at my program guide last Friday (the 14th) and saw that the 
guide data had run out at 9:00 (Atlantic Daylight Time, that would be 8:00 PM 
Eastern) that night for about 10 of my channels.  I didn't have time to 
fiddle with it then, so I did a quick mythfilldatabase --refresh-today, in 
the hopes that it would help.  It didn't.  So a set  manual recordings for 
the most important shows over the weekend and left it until today.

I looked today and my programs were recorded anyway, as well as the manual 
recordings.  Weird.

I looked in the program guide, and I'm still missing data for some channels.  
I looked at my upcoming recordings, and there are scheduled recordings with 
full data on those missing channels.  I looked in Search Lists -> Channels on 
the missing channels and there is full data there as well!!!  So the data is 
only missing from the program guide.  Confusing, eh?

The program guide HAS data for all channels starting at midnight on the 
morning of the 27th.

There doesn't seem to be much pattern as to which channels have data and which 
don't.  Some are Canadian, some are American.  Some are broadcast channels, 
some are cable specialties.  The only pattern that I see is that all of the 
missing channels are on BOTH my analog and digital lineups (using the same 
channel numbers).  There is nothing missing from the digital only channels 
(which I record using PVR-250s with an IR blaster to control a pair of 

I have 2 lineups fed by SD.  One for digital cable which includes all analog 
channels  and all the digital channels that I'm subscribed to.  The other 
other is analog only for my 3rd PVR-250 that is fed straight from the cable 

My backend is running Debian Stable (etch) with packages taken from 
debian-multimedia.org.  I had briefly rolled my own packages using sources 
from the same site, but now I use Christian's packages again.

I'll happily provide any other info that would help track this weird problem 



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