[mythtv-users] Program guide problem

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Sep 18 02:58:11 UTC 2007

On 09/17/2007 09:21 AM, Mark J. Small wrote:
> I've just run across a very strange problem with my program guide.
> I was looking at my program guide last Friday (the 14th) and saw that the 
> guide data had run out at 9:00 (Atlantic Daylight Time, that would be 8:00 PM 
> Eastern) that night for about 10 of my channels.  I didn't have time to 
> fiddle with it then, so I did a quick mythfilldatabase --refresh-today, in 
> the hopes that it would help.  It didn't.  So a set  manual recordings for 
> the most important shows over the weekend and left it until today.
> I looked today and my programs were recorded anyway, as well as the manual 
> recordings.  Weird.
> I looked in the program guide, and I'm still missing data for some channels.  
> I looked at my upcoming recordings, and there are scheduled recordings with 
> full data on those missing channels.  I looked in Search Lists -> Channels on 
> the missing channels and there is full data there as well!!!  So the data is 
> only missing from the program guide.  Confusing, eh?
> The program guide HAS data for all channels starting at midnight on the 
> morning of the 27th.
> There doesn't seem to be much pattern as to which channels have data and which 
> don't.  Some are Canadian, some are American.  Some are broadcast channels, 
> some are cable specialties.  The only pattern that I see is that all of the 
> missing channels are on BOTH my analog and digital lineups (using the same 
> channel numbers).  There is nothing missing from the digital only channels 
> (which I record using PVR-250s with an IR blaster to control a pair of 
> DCT-2000s)
> I have 2 lineups fed by SD.  One for digital cable which includes all analog 
> channels  and all the digital channels that I'm subscribed to.  The other 
> other is analog only for my 3rd PVR-250 that is fed straight from the cable 
> line.
> My backend is running Debian Stable (etch) with packages taken from 
> debian-multimedia.org.  I had briefly rolled my own packages using sources 
> from the same site, but now I use Christian's packages again.
> I'll happily provide any other info that would help track this weird problem 
> down.

Sounds a lot like broken Video Sources/Input Connections/Channels
configuration.  I'd really recommend starting with
http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/264034#264034 . 
Follow the instructions for deleting the video sources (no need to
delete capture cards).



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