[mythtv-users] Why are some seriesid's SHnnnnnnn and some EPnnnnnnn?

f-myth-users at media.mit.edu f-myth-users at media.mit.edu
Mon Sep 17 02:45:35 UTC 2007

[I'm not sure if this is going to turn into a -dev issue, so I'll
start on -users for now.]

Shortly after the DD->SD cutover, I got screwed because one of the
series I record had its seriesid change from SHnnnnnn format to
EPnnnnnn format and I didn't catch it in time---because -almost-
everything else stayed the same.

I just detected -another- series whose ID has changed from EP to SH.
And, once again of course, I'm screwed because it appears to have
changed about two weeks ago.

Yet -most- of the series I record -still- have EP-format seriesid's
and not SH-format.  What's going on?  How can I deal with this?  I'd
rather not have to create a Power Search that searches only for title
on EVERY TITLE I RECORD in order for this to work.  Will there be more
mysterious conversions?  (For example, one channel I just spot-checked
had -one- series I record change format, but not another!  And this
has so far happened on at least two channels and from two different

(I can't find anything recent about this in the Gossamer archives,
even though I know I recall reading -some- discussion about this
recently---but it wasn't definitive enough for me to figure out how
to cope with this, and I still don't know how widespread it is.)

Right now, I'm looking at having to do a query in "record" for all
seriesid's that look like SHnnnnnn and then insert new records there
with SH transformed into EP (e.g,. nearly doubling the size of that
table), just in case more magically change out from under me.
(Presumably the idea here is to simply duplicate each row that's got
a SH-format seriesid, taking care to continue autoincrementing the
recordid field, transforming SH into EP in seriesid, and then force a
reschedule when I'm done.  Yuck.)  And I'll have to make some sort of
cronjob that keeps doing this in case I add another series and forget
to add the duplicate alternate-format by hand (since I don't know if
new series that pop up will have the SH or the EP format).

(It looks like the changeover was a few days BEFORE 9/1---perhaps what
I'm seeing is that it changed when I started pulling SD data & I could
check that if necessary---and yet there are still tons of series I
record which are still showing up with EP-format seriesid's, which was
why even a fairly careful perusal of the Scheduled Recordings page in
MythWeb didn't catch it---I had the "before SD" and "after SD"
schedules up on two adjacent screens, and still didn't notice the
dropouts 'cause they were (at least at the time) rare in a big
list---who knew that even careful spot-checking wasn't going to be
adequate and I had to check EVERY SINGLE LINE?  The subtlety of this
change really sucks---if it had been -all series that changed, it'd
have been easy to spot!)

Is there logic in 0.20.2 to handle this?  I'm currently still running
0.18.1 with XMLTV grabbing, but if this changed somewhere for 20.2, I
wish it had been better publicized.

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