[mythtv-users] music, mythbackend & upnp...

stuart stuart at xnet.com
Sun Sep 16 18:33:52 UTC 2007


I recently upgraded everything (switched to Myth 20.2 & FC5 to FC7) and 
experienced the upnp server on the mythbackend.  For videos it works. 
For music???

So, what I see on this client:
are two offerings.  An album list and all the titles.  The album list 
appears to be an entry of the album name for each title on that album. 
So if album "ABC" had titles call "one", "two" & "three" there would be 
three entries called "ABC" and selecting the second, for instance, would 
only go to the track called "two".  I think individual tracks works, but 
  it is difficult to find titles there among so many.

And this client:
offers up the same two options (album and titles)**, but locks up once 
either menu list has been entered.  So far, power cycling the NETGEAR 
box has been the only way to unlock it.

** Actually the NETGEAR box offers up video recordings as well - but has 
no hardware to play these.  I don't know if this is a problem with the 
NETGEAR box or with the way the data is presented by the mythbackend 
upnp program.

I don't know if this is pilot error w.r.t. my myhtbackend configuration 
or a need to support this feature with some dirty work (i.e. writing 
some myth code / patches).  Any help would be appreciated.

How I set up my music:
My music collection is set up in nested directories starting with the 
type then the albums.  There are M3U files at the same level as the 
album directories.  There is 1 M3U file for each album and the entries 
point to the individual mp3s files inside the album's direcotory. 
Itunes has problems with this as it creates a title entry for each entry 
in the M3U files as well as for each mp3 file it finds.  Yea, that's 
right - Itunes duplicates all my titles when I scan for music. Bad 
Itunes bad program...

-thanks for any help

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