[mythtv-users] No SD Update and SD Episode Numbers do notmatchprevious recordings

Cottrell, Eric ecottrell at doble.com
Sun Sep 16 02:41:49 UTC 2007


I am still having a problem with SD Update not running.  Fixing the
Capture Card info did not fix this problem.

Looking through the database I noticed a table called housekeeping.
There is an entry called MythFillDB with a date of September 10, 2007.
This is the last date I used Version 0.16.  I searched on MythFillDB and
came across a message from 2004 about MythFillDB.sh not running due to
no MythFillDB entry in the housekeeping table.  I searched and found no
MythFillDB so I assume it got replaced by MythFillDatabase.

I noticed there is no MythFillDatabase entry in the housekeeping table.
Does there need to be a MythFillDatabase entry so housekeeping will run

73 Eric

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