[mythtv-users] Missing guide data for HGTVC

Mike Alborn mikealborn at deandra.homeip.net
Sun Sep 16 02:30:50 UTC 2007

My program guide is not showing any data for HGTVC (xmltv id 17638)

I have run mythfilldatabase by hand, and did notice any errors. I have
even destroyed and re-created my channel source, but it didn't fix the
Using Mythweb, I have verified that the channel settings are using the
correct xmltv ID, but the guide shows "NO DATA" for this channel.

I don't know if this is a problem at my end, or with the guide data
supplied by TMS (This problem started before TMS dropped their free
service, and persists after the change to SD). However, I want to rule
out my setup before I report a problem to SD. I've done some looking on
the web, but have been unable to find anyone else with the same problem.

Any suggestions on what else I could look at?

I am running MythTV version 0.20.2, using Debian packages from

Mike Alborn <mikealborn at deandra.homeip.net>
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