[mythtv-users] I keep getting disabled from the list

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Sep 15 21:22:24 UTC 2007

Jay Mallar wrote:

> I send a request for help to GoDaddy to see what would happen:
> *Dear Sir/Madam,
> Thank you for contacting Online Support. If an IP address gets blocked
> from our system, there is a good chance that the ISP's mail server was
> used in a SPAM attack that affected our mail servers. Therefore, we must
> investigate each situation individually to determine if the IP address
> can be unblocked from our system. If we are able to unblock it, there is
> no guarantee they will remain unblocked, because of our automated SPAM
> detection processes. If the SPAM attack that came from the ISP's mail
> server was an isolated case and is no longer involved in spamming, then
> you should be able to send email through it to our mail servers without
> incident once we remove the IP address(es) from our blacklist.
> In order to fully investigate the matter, we will need some additional
> information. Please respond with the full bounceback message that the
> sender is receiving (including full headers) for review.
> *

Pretty useless.

In one case that I suffered from, somebody apparently using the same ISP
as me was identified as a "spammer". GoDaddy's reaction was to block any
mail from any of the address blocks for that ISP, not just the ISP's
mail server. Since I run my own mail server, and it obviously lies
within my ISPs netblock, I was unable to send mail to this company, even
though my particular mail server was never identified as a spam source,
not even by GoDaddy.

Guilt by Association I guess.

Since I have a .mac account I now just send any mail to that company
through Apple's mail server, but I really shouldn't have to do that.

Also, neither the company involved or myself received any mail to the
effect that the original had been blocked. No bounce message at all. The
only reason I knew what was happening was that I happened to be tailing
my mail log and saw the transaction. It gave a URL to go to to "correct"
the problem, which of course resulted in useless garbage and no

All in all, not the way to run an airline.

But, a lot of people seem happy with GoDaddy, and I don't want to be
accused of bad-mouthing them, I'm just reporting facts.


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