[mythtv-users] Multiple commercial flagging tasks causing Mythbackend to die

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Sat Sep 15 17:30:50 UTC 2007

On 09/14/2007 05:50 PM, Steve Skarda wrote:
> I have my mythtv-setup set to allow 1 simultaneous job to run at one
> time.   However, when I look at the task lists, I have had as many as
> 8 processes named commercial flagging listed.

If you're really talking about the "process list", you could be seeing
multiple threads.

>    Consequently, my cpu goes to near 100% load and I believe that
> ithis may be causing my mythbackend to die.
> 1).  Is it normal to see several tasks in the process list even if
> myth is only set to flag one job at a time?

You should look at the backend status page to find out how many jobs are
actually running (i.e. the status of the job).  It's available through
MythWeb.  If you've configured the one job at a time (on /this/ host),
it should show all others as queued.  Remember, it's a per-host setting...

> 2).  Is it normal to have backend die with 100% cpu loading.

No.  It is not normal for the backend to ever die.  I start mine and let
it run until the next time I upgrade it.  I don't have any kind of
script to restart it--it just doesn't die.  Unfortunately, that doesn't
help you figure out what's wrong with your setup/installation.


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