[mythtv-users] Dutch Listings

Jos Hoekstra joshoekstra at gmx.net
Sat Sep 15 11:22:36 UTC 2007

Ever since I updated to 0.20.2 I only get 3 days of data for the dutch 
TV-guide. Since the update the logfile of update looks different as 
well, it seems to start a new grab for every day.

Before I upgraded it was just grabbing data for 7 days and after that it 
was updating the database.

I'm guessing I need to change something about the way the script is 
called(via cron)
Cronjob is called like this:
sleep $(expr $RANDOM % 7200) && mythfilldatabase --graboptions "--slow" 
  > /var/log/mythtv/mythfilldatabase.log 2>&1

This was taken over from Jarod's guide.

Does mythfilldatabase behave the same way when it's called via the 
internal option?

Do other Dutch users see the same behaviour?


Jos Hoekstra

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