[mythtv-users] Sources and LiveTV

Martin Turner xmode at westnet.com.au
Sat Sep 15 08:56:08 UTC 2007

Hi Mythlist,

I'm in the process of setting up foxtel via a capture card and I've run 
in to a small problem with LiveTV. The way I have it set up is my 2 DVB 
cards are using 1 source with one set of channel numbers (2,7,9,10,etc) 
and Foxtel is setup on a second source with its own card and uses a 
different set of channel numbers (101,108, etc). The problem I have is 
that in live TV I can either get the DVB set of channels OR the foxtel 
set, but not browse through both (letting myth pick the card to use).. 
Ive had a look through the settings but I have no idea how to get myth 
to do this (ie, let you browse ALL the channels with the up and down 
buttons and then pick the appropriate tuner based on the channel selected)

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