[mythtv-users] I keep getting disabled from the list

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Sep 15 01:27:07 UTC 2007

David Shay wrote:

> If you mean doesn't GoDaddy have a way to whitelist a site, apparently
> not from my discussions with them.  After a lengthy debate with them, we
> eventually had to change providers.  They did, however, refund our
> unused portion because of their inability to deal with the problem.

WOW! Losing customers because of over-aggressive spam filtering. if I
ran that outfit I'd be sacking somebody.

There should at least be a way to opt out of any filtering.

They must be doing it on a global level, not a per-user basis.

> As an interim solution, I ended up moving all of my mailing lists to a
> GMail account, which I actually ended up leaving that way anyhow even
> after changing ISPs.

If it works, leave it alone.

OTOH we recently had a problem here in Wyoming. Somebody cut some fibers
and I and a lot of other folks could not get to any site west of us,
which of course included google, Apple, M$ and a lot others. I was
astounded it was so widespread and there wasn't a way to re-route stuff,
but it was back up in a few hours.

Depending on remote sites can be a problem, but I gues it can save your
butt at times as well.


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