[mythtv-users] DVI vs VGA and HDTV

mlists mlists at dressler.ca
Sat Sep 15 01:27:57 UTC 2007

> First of all... is this the primary or secondary monitor on your video card?
> If it's the secondary monitor... was the cable connected to the card when you
> booted? A lot of this secondary / DVI monitor setup stuff happens when the
> box is booted and if you don't have a cable connected, the card detects this
> and disabled the port on the board. If you plug in a cable after the fact, you
> see nothing on the screen.
> On both of my NVIDIA boards that are connected to HDTV monitors via $5
> DVI->HDMI cables, I see the normal bios boot up messages when my boxes
> boot.

Tried what you suggested but I'm not getting anything coming on the
screen with dvi to hdmi.  None of the boot up text or anything.


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