[mythtv-users] Laptop - front end question...

A JM vbtalent at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 23:06:27 UTC 2007

> A JM,
>     Most laptops have an IRDA ports, but there are two kinds. The older,
> slower version called Serial IR, and the newer Fast IR
> Some laptops can switch between versions. Check the bios setup for an
> option to change serial port to IR, then linux should detect it as COM2,
> and it will work with LIRC using the lirc_sir module.
> A quick search came up with this site, I hope it points you in the right
> direction
> http://www.thinkwiki.org/wiki/How_to_make_use_of_IrDA#LIRC_and_IrDA
> As for power on/off, I don't know of any easy way to do that.
> If you have computer on 24-7, then you could set a cron schedule to send
> wake-on-lan packets at the right time.
> - Richard

I was thinking about using the wake on lan function but didn't see it's
usefulness in that I wanted to use the laptop with a more on/off scenario
with my remote.

It's a Latitude 4100, since you guy's think there currently isn't an on/off
remedy I was thinking about using a modification I used on my xbox (
http://xir.us/xirpro.aspx) that worked well I guess I could bypass the
on/off switch, what do you guys think?

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