[mythtv-users] Understanding HD Antennas ( was HDHomeRun and jumpy video)

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Fri Sep 14 22:19:42 UTC 2007

Jon Boehm wrote:

> I'm having HD antenna problems myself right now.  My signal strength is 
> fine but I have unstable signal to noise ratio.  :-(  I have an 
> HDHomerun, which I love, with a Antennas Direct DB4 in the attic.
> http://www.antennasdirect.com/DB4_HDTV_antenna.html
> The antenna is directly attached to tuner0 of the hdhomerun with no 
> amplifier.
> Antennaweb said that I needed a Small Multi-direction Antenna.  Since I 
> was going to be mounting it in an attic I up sized to a Medium 
> Multi-directional antenna.  I wonder if my noise problems are due to the 
> Muli-directional antenna?  Any idea where I would go looking for the 
> noise problem?  I have one of those DC offset amplifiers.  I'm going to 
> give it a try this weekend.

If you have sufficient signal strength but unusable signal the problem
*might* be reflections, but it could be interfering signal(s), either
on-frequency or even off-frequency if the signal is of sufficient
strength to create mixer garbage in the HDHR.

Sometimes *reducing* the input level to the tuner (with an attenuator)
will actually make things better. You'd need a signal level meter or the
like to really know what's going on.

Does the signal look OK going directly into a TV set? (assuming you have
one capable of ATSC)? Do you have any neighbors getting good or bad ATSC


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