[mythtv-users] Mac OSX Universal Binary for .20.2 @ thesniderpad.com

Anthony Giggins seven at seven.dorksville.net
Fri Sep 14 14:09:48 UTC 2007

>With help from Matthew Mead and Wade Maxfield, I was able to piece 
>together a Universal binary of 0.20.2.   It is available @ 
>thesniderpad.com in the downloads section, or here:

I finally got around to playing with this on my wifes work provided macbook
but it appears to be having some issues connecting to the database. It can
read some of the tables ie. mythvideo, previously recorded but as soon as I
access either watch livetv of watch recordings I get errors about being
unable to contact the database Also I was wondering how I can connect it to
my mythvideos, I know I need to connect to the videos directory but how can
I do this in mac osx? (Samba, nfs? How do I mount these and where)

This is my first attempt running a frontend only my current system is a
combined frontend/backend.



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