[mythtv-users] Seagate NS vs AS SATA drives

Brian Foddy bfoddy at visi.com
Fri Sep 14 04:16:54 UTC 2007

Building a large SATA raid and I'm trying to see if the 
Seagate ST3xxx640NS is worth the extra money over the
ST3xxx640AS drives.  I'm looking at either 500GB or 750GB
versions, they would likely be placed in a RAID5, so not a huge
risk of data loss with a failed drive.  But the machine will be
running 24x7 as a mythtv backend server.  I would guess
about 2TB total space.

I know the NS is supposed to be built for enterprise 24x7 operation,
but any practical experience?  TBH, over my years I've had so
few failed HDs, its hard for me to compare.  

Any other drives someone would recommend?
The specials on the Hitachi 1000GB drives ($340 at Mwave)
are somewhat interesting.


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