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Bob Sully rcs at malibyte.net
Fri Sep 14 05:09:21 UTC 2007

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> Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2007 23:43:05 -0500
> From: Robert Eden <rmeden at yahoo.com>
> Subject: Re: [mythtv-users] Thanks - SD Upgrade
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> On 9/13/2007 10:59 PM, Bob Sully wrote:
>> the reality is that TMS yanked the rug
>> out from under us, and the SD guys kept us up and running with no
>> downtime
> First, TMS was kind enough to offer free data for 4+ years.  I for one
> am thankful..
> Second, TMS didn't yank the rug out.  They gave a little over 2 months
> months notice.  Yes, more would have been nice, but they didn't have to
> give any.
> Robert

On the first count, definitely I grant you that.  It was pretty decent of
them to provide the data free for as long as they did.

One the second point, two months *was* pretty short notice.  At least that
gave the SD guys and the devs enough time to get the mods made and the
legal  and technical stuff done.  But it was pretty damn close.

And I acknowledge one other error in my original post...this obviously
applied to only those of us here in the US.  The rest of the world didn't
have this particular hassle to deal with.  However:

Interestingly, I was reading the latest issue of Linux Journal this
morning.  I thought theat we in the US had the most draconian laws dealing
with copy protection.  But it appears that our Kiwi friends may have a
pretty bad headache coming on soon if a new law dealing with DVRs passes. 
It seems that time-shifting broadcast content might be made illegal down
there?!?!?!  Ridiculous!!!

Good luck.
Bob Sully - Simi Valley, California, USA

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