[mythtv-users] best way to mass delete all videos

Andrew Burgess aab at cichlid.com
Wed Sep 12 14:40:35 UTC 2007

>> I needed to restructure my raid array where the recorded videos
>> were kept. I decided I had watched all I really needed to
>> so just erased them. I ment to make a list of files in case
>> just creating empty ones would make things easier on myth
>> but (doh) I forgot.
>> What's the best procedure now?
>> I'd like to keep the history of what I already recorded and
>> watched but I'd like to get fix the list of files
>> in 'watch recordings' that displays non-existant files.


Excellent. How do you guys know what to search for?

For the record, I used Mike's suggestion of:

  from watch recordings->default:
    menu->add this group to playlist
    menu->playlist options->delete

I didn't even know the menu command existed there (noob :-)

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