[mythtv-users] frontend dying during FF (or REW)

Peter Meyland peter at meyland.dk
Wed Sep 12 11:01:16 UTC 2007

Hi all

I have a very big problem when I watch recordings. Each time i press FF 
(or REW) on my remote myth frontend log are filled with this message:
   2007-09-12 12:48:03.257 Waited too long for video out to pause
   2007-09-12 12:48:03.398 NVP: prebuffering pause
and the only thing I can do is to kill -9 mythfrontendpid and then 
restart mythfrontend.

If I start watching the same show again and then use the keyboard to FF 
(or REW) (right arrow) then everything is working.

My remote is a Terratech Cinergy 600 and my lircrc for that key is
   # TV Playback: SEEKFFWD
     prog = mythtv
     button = ff
     repeat = 3
     config = Right

My system is a Fedora 7 combined backend / frontend with all recent 
updates from atrpms

Best Regards


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